Will You Soon Be Playing Xbox One Games In a Web Browser?

Will You Soon Be Playing Xbox One Games In a Web Browser?

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Have you ever imagined playing your favorite Xbox One and Xbox 360 games by streaming them through a web browser? Well apparently Microsoft has, and various insiders claim that the company is currently perfecting technologies that will allow for this in the near future.

Cloud based gaming is not a new concept. There are even existing solutions in place, but none of them are quite there yet as far as performance goes. The major obstacle at this time is latency, and bandwidth available to deliver the video signal, while also sending player inputs back to the host.

Microsoft owns and operates one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures in the form of Azure, and have demonstrated technology like this in the past with Halo 4 running on the browser of a Windows Phone. Rumors say that Microsoft could be close to, or already has a solution to run games at 60fps through a browser on a compatible connection.

What do you think of the rumors? If Microsoft were to release a product that enables this, it could mean Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming without the need for a physical console.

It’s too early to call this, but we can’t help thinking that this is a logical way for the industry to start moving in. If we don’t see this in the current console generation, you can pretty much bet that it will start entering the mainstream in at least the next five to ten years.

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