The Best Xbox One Games of Comic Con: Ori and the Blind Forest

The Best Xbox One Games of Comic Con: Ori and the Blind Forest

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One of the impressive Xbox One exclusives making the rounds at Comic Con is Ori and the Blind Forest. Ori is a 2d perspective platformer game that pays homage to the genre, while incorporating its own modern twists.

From first looks, it’s obvious that the developers have put a lot of love in to this game, and rightly so as it has so far been in a four year development cycle. Some of the things that have made this game stand out are the atmosphere, the art design, and of course the gameplay itself.

You couldn’t get away with a platformer today that doesn’t handle absolutely flawlessly. The developers have really nailed the mechanics with this game, running and jumping is completely fluid, and as you become introduced to new abilities like ‘Bash’ later in the game, the smooth and flowing handling becomes even more evident.

Ori is also set to incorporate some gameplay elements to make it a truly modern platformer. One example of this is the checkpoint system. Checkpoints can be set at any stage of the game, however they rely on energy which then takes away from your power attacks. This forces you to think strategically about your checkpoint usage as you plan for upcoming boss battles.

Ori and the Blind Forest is an indie styled game with superb production values. Look out for this when it releases towards the end of 2014.

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