TellTale Games Releases Teaser for Upcoming Game

TellTale Games Releases Teaser for Upcoming Game

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In 2013, Telltale Games, well-known for their series of games styled after the hit show The Walking Dead, announced that another similarly styled game based on Game of Thrones would be released sometime in 2014. For gamers, as well as fans of the series, this news was something akin to a gift from heaven.

As if the anticipation wasn’t enough, Telltale Games has now released a teaser for the upcoming game series that may give some hints about the setting as well as the characters involved in the game. The image that appears on the teaser quotes a passage from A Dance with Dragons, book five in the series A Song of Ice and Fire. The passage reads, “…Trackers and hunters sworn to Deepwood with clan names like FORRESTER and Woods, Branch and Bole.”

Both the image and the tweet from Telltale place emphasis on the Forrester name, which could be a sign, but no one knows for sure, that’s why it’s called a teaser. In the Series, Forrester is a Northern House which is sworn to Deepwood Motte’s House Glover. Considered more of a clan than a noble house by some Game of Thrones character, House Forrester resides in the vast forest of the Wolfswood, which could give a hint as to the setting of the coming game series.

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