Hulk goes Down!

Hulk goes Down!

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Spoilers Abound!……. hulk





The new issue of Civil War II has claimed an unlikely casualty! Another Icon of Marvel goes down! states “Will the heroes of the Marvel Universe survive the unthinkable happening? The fallout to this issue is enormous!”


The original Hulk has been killed off in “Civil War II” (No. 3.). Clarification is in order, Bruce Banner (Hulk for the past 50 yrs) was killed. While Amadeus Cho, (new Hulk) was not killed off. The move illustrates a lack of fear of fan backlash in ending a staple of the company.

The issue opens in Manhattan at a courthouse where flashbacks set the scene for Dr. Banner’s death. Our heroes have a working knowledge of the future & although the Hulk hasn’t gone all Earth splitting Hulked out yet there is a concern of mortal danger. So they confront Dr.Banner. Eventually, a friend & Avenger Hawkeye kills him at Banner’s request. A special arrow is dramatically delivered to do the deed. A forewarning Bruce says in another flashback “I need you to promise me you’ll stop me once and for all,”.

As for the future of the ever lovin Hulk?! The character is now solely in the hands of gamma-active Amadeus Cho (see:”The Totally Awesome Hulk”)

The story line continues this month with “Civil War II” #4. Arriving in the shops on July 27.









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