What’s Going On Outside Of Georgia?

What’s Going On Outside Of Georgia?

- in The Walking Dead

The speculation about the upcoming companion series to AMC’s The Walking Dead is intensifying as the (possible) premiere of the new series draws closer. What we do know is that the series won’t be a spinoff in the traditional sense.

At least as far as anyone has said so far, there will be no characters on the new show from The Walking Dead. Presumably the series will feature a different group of survivors or perhaps even tell multiple stories about what’s happening in the rest of the world.

Despite The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman having said that the question of what’s happening elsewhere being one that would likely never be answered, it looks like fans might finally get an idea of how things are going in parts of the world that aren’t northern Georgia (or later, the Washington, D.C. area). Rumor has it that the companion series may debut before the end of 2014; the one thing that we do know for sure is that the fans are ready to watch

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