The Red-Headed League Coming for Sherlock?

The Red-Headed League Coming for Sherlock?

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During a Reddit event, Mark Gatiss who is the series co-creator of Sherlock and the actor who plays Mycroft on the show, answered a question about “The Adventure of the Red-Headed League,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When asked if there was a chance that the series would retell the classic story, Mark seemed genuinely interested.  In interviewer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mentioned that this was his second favorite Sherlock tale.

While there is no guarantee it will be one of the three new episodes set for 2015, the fact that the question was singled out could offer some possibilities about the upcoming season. Until then, fans can continue to watch as Mark slowly unveils more information over the coming year and then catch the return of Sherlock for the Christmas 2015 episode, followed by the January 2015 return when three brand new episodes are set to air.

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