Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Lobo? Make It Happen On Krypton!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Lobo? Make It Happen On Krypton!

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Lobo? Make It Happen On Krypton!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no stranger to comic book productions. He starred as the Comedian in Watchmen, Clay in The Losers, Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and is currently turning out as Negan in The Walking Dead.

When asked at the recent Walker Stalker Con which superhero role he’d be interested in, Morgan affirmed his love for the Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo. “The only one I want to play is DC and Lobo. He’s badass,” he said.

This isn’t news, though, as Morgan already spoke about his desire to portray the character in 2009. At that stage, Guy Ritchie was announced as the director to be working on a Lobo movie and it was expected to go into production the following year. Of course, this didn’t happen and the project has been in limbo ever since.

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To be frank, it’s unlikely that it’ll be developed any time soon, as Warner Bros. and DC push forward with other priorities. It’s a shame, as even Dwayne Johnson — who was once linked to the part of the Main Man — backed Morgan for the role in a tweet.

While the movie might not be happening yet, the character is due to make his debut in the second season of Krypton, as revealed at this year’s Comic-Con. To date, no one has been announced for the role. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, this might be Morgan’s one chance to play the interstellar mercenary.

Lobo vs Superman

Krypton suffers from an odd predicament. It’s undoubtedly one of the best superhero shows on TV, but it lacks the big name star power to get more eyeballs glued to the screen. The numbers keep dropping and it’s surprising that a second season was greenlit in the first place. Casting someone of Morgan’s caliber as such a renowned DC character could give the series the excitement and mainstream attention it fully deserves.

Plus, let’s face it: Morgan is unlikely to reprise the role of Thomas Wayne and The Walking Dead‘s time is almost up, so his schedule should be freed up a little. That said, it’s not like he’ll be out of work, nor will he be putting pennies together to buy Ramen noodles, as he is an in-demand and respected actor. In fact, he has the luxury of choosing what he wants to do. If he really wants to play the intergalactic bounty hunter — and money isn’t an issue — we doubt the Krypton showrunners would begrudge him the opportunity. Heck, they’d probably roll out the red carpet to welcome him to the show.

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Additionally, with the DC Universe set to become the hub for DC TV in the future, Krypton could test the waters for Lobo. If he’s well-received and a hit, don’t bet against seeing the Main Man get his own TV series on the streaming service down the line.

As a nasty combination of Negan and the Comedian, Lobo is tailor-made for Morgan. Not only does he have the look to pull off the gruff, tough guy aesthetic, but he also has the necessary acting chops to show off the character’s violent and comedic side. This is a match made in comic book heaven.

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