The Wines of Westeros

The Wines of Westeros

- in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones definitely has enough plot twists and turn to make viewers want something with which to calm their frazzled nerves, and what is more calming than a glass of fine wine? Soon viewers can indulge in the Wines of Westeros, a line of House inspired wines that will be launched in time for season five.

The set will include 12 different wines that range from Sauvignon to Shiraz and each wine will be paired to a House or specific faction of the continent of Westeros. The wines will reflect the demeanor of the House that it is meant to represent. Houses that are head strong and dominating will be paired with various red and white wines will represent those Houses who are the more perceptive, cunning, and filled with mystery. The Tyrells will be represented by a soft-spoken Chardonnay while the Dothraki wine will be a robust and full-bodied Merlot. So when things in Westeros get too hectic for your nerves, you can sit back and call for “More wine!”

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