Interested in Learning Dothraki?

Interested in Learning Dothraki?

- in Game of Thrones

Those who speak Elvish, Klingon, or any other of the host of fictional languages that can be found today will be happy to know that they can now learn to speak the Dothraki language. Fans of Game of Thrones can now immerse themselves fully into the Dothraki culture with “Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational Language Course Based on the Hit Original HBO Series Game of Thrones.”

Whenever a new fictional language pops up, fans begin to piece together bits of the language from its source, be it television, such as Game of Thrones or Star Trek, or Movies, such as Elvish, from The Lord of the Rings.

Now however, there is an official guide to the Language of Dothraki by David J. Peterson, who is a well -known culture and language consultant. The guide is made up of over 500 words and phrases, some of which were coined just for the course and previously unheard. The narrator of the course is Peterson himself and users learn not only vocabulary, but punctuation, grammar, and many dos and don’ts of Dothraki culture.

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