Arrow Season 3 Comes to DVD

Arrow Season 3 Comes to DVD

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Fans of the Green Arrow were undoubtedly excited when the series was announced, but now that it is finally being released on DVD, things are definitely becoming more interesting. Hardcore fans, or those who simply want to round out their superhero collection will now be able to bring the show home as they please and enjoy it in the comfort of their own living room. As per usual, that is not the ONLY option available for those who want to do a little bit of catching up on the series.

If you want to enjoy Arrow Season 3 you can either buy the five disc collection, or you can take the alternative and head to Amazon where it is currently being streamed on instant video. Each episode costs $1.99 currently, and you can buy the entirety of season 3 for just $49.99, though at that price we would probably much rather spring for the DVD/Blu Ray collection. Whatever choice you make, remember that Arrow is a pretty decent show, premiering beside other popular DC universe characters like the Flash. Viewers have definitely taken a liking to the show and while we are all happy to see Season 3 come to a media we can enjoy again and again, we do have to wonder what secrets and stories the fourth season is going to hold for loyal, long time viewers.

All we can do is stay tuned and see what comes of it. What we know now, is that season 3 is ours to keep.

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