The Robot 2.0 Trailer Reveals The Craziest ‘Superhero’ Movie Of 2018

The Robot 2.0 Trailer Reveals The Craziest ‘Superhero’ Movie Of 2018

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Move over Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther — Bollywood has the craziest superhero movie of the year on its hands. Well, that’s according to Shankar Shanmugam’s 2.0 — a film that feels like a mash-up of Pacific Rim, Transformers, Godzilla and The Matrix.

In the film’s first trailer, the story — a follow-up to 2010’s artificial intelligence action-drama Enthiran — once more focuses on Chitti (Rajinikanth), a super-powered robot that now has to be rebooted to face Akshay Kumar’s mysterious shape-shifting villain. The kicker is the villain can co-opt any form of technology, as seen from him using the Indian population’s cellphones to create a giant eagle, which is evocative of Jean Grey’s Phoenix on the rampage.

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In typical over-the-top Bollywood fashion, Chitti, basically a good version of Marvel’s Ultron, also uses technology and machines to create a robotic avatar to take on the tyrant and save the sub-continent from impending disaster. Clearly, the director has taken a page from the books of Zack Snyder and Michael Bay, because all we can see is mayhem, with skyscrapers falling, cities being torn apart and what seems to be a high body count.

This VFX extravaganza used over 15 studios from across the globe simultaneously working on different portions, and the film’s release has gone through tons of delays at different stages, being pushed back by several months. Clearly, though, we now know why.

2.0, written and directed by S. Shankar, stars Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn and Riyaz Khan. The film hits theaters November 29.

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