Kingsman 3: Taron Egerton Will Not Return as Eggsy

Kingsman 3: Taron Egerton Will Not Return as Eggsy

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Matthew Vaughn is at work on directing and writing the next installment in the Kingsman franchise, but its lead actor Taron Egerton won’t be along for the third film.

While doing press for the upcoming Robin Hood, Edgerton confirmed he won’t be returning as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin.

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“I don’t know how hot off the press this is,” Edgerton told Yahoo Finance, “and I think I’m allowed to say it, but I’m not in the next Kingsman movie.” Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t return for future installments, as he mentioned that he chats with Vaughn regularly. “We’re still very much in business together, but his next journey in that world doesn’t involve me.” The second film, last year’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, ended with Eggsy marrying into a royal family after having saved the world yet again.

Kingsman 3 is reported to take place during the early 20th century in the first World War, introducing fans to a new character named Conrad. Egerton was told parts of the upcoming film’s plot and believes that Vaughn’s idea is “incredibly exciting.”

While Kingsman 3 releases Nov. 9, 2019, Taron Egerton can next be seen in Robin Hood on Nov. 21st, and in the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman, due May 31, 2019.

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