New Batmobile Won’t Go Back to the Basics

New Batmobile Won’t Go Back to the Basics

- in Batman vs. Superman

Since the announcement of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice fans have been questioning whether or not the Batmobile would maintain the no guns rule that the caped crusader has maintained in the comic books. This rule is due to his parents being gunned down in an alleyway when he was a child. Although, to be fair some early comics have been shown with him holding a gun and using it.

The new Batmobile is a hybrid of both the 1989 film version of the vehicle and enhanced with elements from the 1986 The Dark Knight Returns inception created by Frank Miller. The vehicle does in fact have guns on it. This shows the new Batman further distancing himself from the stance he once took when he claimed that “Guns are the weapon of the enemy.”

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