- in Avengers

What is the need for superheroes without a super villain? Enter, Ultron, the robotic creation of Ant Man who interestingly enough is the founding member of the Avengers. If you like that twist and turn, hang onto your hat, good guy Hank Pym … aka Ant Man creates Ultron who becomes the villain who creates the android The Vision who ultimately turns good and joins the Avengers to Ultron. Are you lost yet? Don’t worry it will all make sense on the silver screen.

Of course, as often happens with screen adaptations a few things will be changing, namely the creator of Ultron. Instead of introducing the Ant Man, Ultron’s creator will be none other than the nefarious playboy Tony Stark. This is definitely an interesting route to take but it does have a few fans in an uproar. Is it possible they will team Stark and Pym together in some way as co-creators of the mega villain Ultron? Time will tell!

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