Legends Of Tomorrow: 11 Characters That Look Great On-Screen (And 11 That Don’t)

Legends Of Tomorrow: 11 Characters That Look Great On-Screen (And 11 That Don’t)

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Legends Of Tomorrow: 11 Characters That Look Great On-Screen (And 11 That Don’t)

After an amazing third season and a crazy season finale, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has been renewed for a fourth season with Matt Ryan as John Constantine and Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe returning as series regular. The rest of the current members of the Legends will be coming back too, including Amaya who left the Waverider but will be back as a series regular. Over the course of three seasons, the crew aboard the Waverider has been constantly changing, which doesn’t come as a surprise since the show was designed for a rotating cast.

The show uses its unique format and premise to introduce as much characters as possible — as members of the team, temporary allies, or villains. Out of the original nine crew members that boarded the Waverider in season one, only three — Sara Lance, Ray Palmer and Mick Rory — have stuck around. Throughout three seasons, all kinds of heroes, allies, enemies and doppelgängers visited Legends of Tomorrow. Today, we’re taking a look at the costumes worn by characters on the show to see how comic book-accurate they really are. So, let’s find out which Legends of Tomorrow costumes look the best and which could have been much better.


In season two, the Legends met the Justice Society of America. Their partnership was brief — so brief in fact, that it left a lot to be desired. The Justice Society of America consisted of Hourman, Vixen, Obsidian, Dr. Mid-Nite, Commander Steel and Stargirl. Almost every single one of these heroes had a comic book-accurate costume, but Stargirl’s costume has to be the most comic book-y costume ever to make its way into the Arrowverse.

For starters, you will notice a surprising lack of leather.

The Arrowverse has been severely criticized for its abuse of leather, so it was really cool to see Stargirl in a blue spandex costume that looks as if it’s been ripped straight from the pages of comics. Out of all six members of the Justice Society of America, Stargirl is the one who stood out the most and it’s because the costume design was incredibly faithful to the character’s look in the comics. Sure, it looked kind of campy when compared to everyone else’s leather getup, and we were absolutely delighted by this campy outfit. The good news is, Stargirl is still alive so there’s a chance she and her awesome costume could make another appearance.


Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter

In 2016, the Arrowverse expanded for the second time with a quirky, time travel, space opera type of show titled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. A rogue Time Master from the 22nd century, who introduced himself as Rip Hunter, gathered a group of superheroes and supervillains from the 21st century and formed a team that would become known as Legends. Rip Hunter is portrayed by Arthur Darvill, the Doctor Who actor who played Rory Williams. In fact, Rip’s look even seems to be inspired by the Tenth Doctor, rather than his comic book counterpart. Draped in a light brown coat that was previously owned by Jonah Hex, armed with an antique-looking energy gun and a time courier, Rip Hunter looks like a mashup of Doctor Who and a Wild West outlaw.

But how does his costume compare to the comics? Well, as much as we actually like the Legends of Tomorrow version of Rip Hunter, he doesn’t really look much like his comic book counterpart. Rip’s favorite color is green, which is the prevailing color of his one-piece suit. Essentially, nothing from his comic book design made it into the show. In the comics, Rip Hunter’s costume looks more like something a superhero would wear.


Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm

The Arrowverse crossover event “Crisis on Earth-X” was an ambitious and unforgettable spectacle — one that will certainly be a tough act to follow in the coming years. The four-episode crossover brought together characters from across all four shows and packed a lot of surprises, action, humor, and heartache. Sadly, we had to say our goodbyes to Firestorm. After the death of Dr. Stein, Jax decided it would be best for him to leave the team. Firestorm had been a member of the Legends from the very inception and he will be dearly missed.

Though Firestorm was underutilized and at times suffered due to less than stellar CGI, it’s worth noting that his costume was as spot-on as it can get.

Unlike the costume Robbie Amell wore as Ronnie Raymond on The Flash, Jax’s costume on Legends of Tomorrow is true to the character’s comic book look. The colors are all there, albeit in a bit darker shade, and the four-pronged spotlight on his chest looks incredibly cool. The only major difference is that Jax doesn’t wear any kind of head accessory to conceal his identity. Perhaps something similar to Wally’s mask would have worked just fine for Jax too, but the designers opted to leave out the mask. Even so, Firestorm is one of the best-looking members of the Legends.


Legends of Tomorrow The Atom

Ray Palmer was introduced in third season of Arrow as Oliver’s adversary in business and the affairs of the heart. However, the show didn’t quite know how to put Ray or the Atom to good use and The CW started planning The Atom spin-off. That project evolved into a little ensemble show known as DC’S Legends of Tomorrow. Ray Palmer was one of the heroes Rip Hunter plucked from the 21st century for his Legends team. Brandon Routh is doing an excellent job portraying the character and the Atom seems to have found his place aboard the Waverider. However, as much as we love Ray, we’re not big fans of his costume.

Ray’s costume is the powered exo-suit called A.T.O.M., which he designed. The suit protects Ray from bullets, arrows and explosives and has a number of different offensive capabilities. Most importantly though, it allows Ray to shrink down as well as to become gigantic. The main issue with this costume is that it’s bulky as hell. Nowhere near the sleek design from the comics, where the controls for changing size and weight were located either in the belt buckle or the gloves. Would you say it’s too much to hope that a more comic book-accurate design will make its way on Legends of Tomorrow?


Legends of Tomorrow White Canary

Sara “the Undying” Lance, also known as the White Canary is one of the most amazing Arrowverse characters. The current captain of the Legends is a force to be reckoned with — something that both her teammates and enemies can attest to. As of 2013, since Sara’s surprising return from the dead, the character is portrayed by Caity Lotz. Upon her rebirth, Sara donned on a black leather costume and took to the streets of Starling City as the Canary. However, after her second resurrection, she was recruited by Rip Hunter for his time-traveling team. Sara traded in her all-black suit for a white one and took on the name White Canary.

Over the course of three years, there have been two different versions of the White Canary suit.

Her first outfit had a high-haltered neckline and occasionally she’d throw on the white coat. The costume designer clearly observed the comic book design and extrapolated from there. Sara’s second White Canary costume took on a somewhat different look, with exposed cleavage and a more form-fitting design. The “dirty white” effect has also been replaced with a silver-white shade. While the second outfit doesn’t look bad, the first one was more faithful to the comics.


Legends of Tomorrow Captain Cold

Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, used to be a world-class thief from Central City, who operated with his trusty partner Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave. The duo often caused trouble for the Scarlet Speedster, but eventually they became friends. Leonard Snart had a change of heart after joining Rip Hunter and the Legends aboard the Waverider. Although, the character was popular on The Flash, his popularity only increased once he joined Legends of Tomorrow. However, while everyone loved Captain Cold, his costume wasn’t exactly the most highly praised design in the Arrowverse, to put it mildly.

On the show, Snart wore a dark blue parka, a pair of goggles and he was armed with his cold gun. Unfortunately, his parka didn’t come with the character’s trademark fur hood that we’re used to seeing on comic book pages. Plus, using more light blue colors definitely wouldn’t have hurt. As much as we love Captain Cold and Wentworth Miller, this costume is just too dark, generic and bland. But thanks to Miller’s outstanding performance, not even a mediocre costume could have made Captain Cold any less fascinating. Interestingly and luckily, the costume design for Snart’s Earth-X doppelgänger improved on some of these details.


Legends of Tomorrow Kid Flash

In season two of The Flash we were introduced to Joe West’s estranged son Wally West. Wally settled in Central City, moved in with his father and sister and joined Team Flash. First time we saw Wally as Kid Flash was in the Flashpoint timeline. However, after an encounter with Alchemy, Wally managed to regain his super speed and eventually become Kid Flash. Unfortunately, the writers on The Flash never knew what to do with him, so he was transferred to Legends of Tomorrow, which turned out to be the perfect strategy. So far, Kid Flash has been an excellent addition to the team and seems to be more at home with the Legends than he ever was with Team Flash.

Wally is adorable, sweet, a bit reckless and above all knows how to have fun, which is just the right fit for a team of misfits like Legends.

When it comes to the costume Kid Flash wears on Legends of Tomorrow, it’s probably one of the most comic book-accurate costumes in the entire Arrowverse. Much like his comic book counterpart, the character on Legends of Tomorrow sports a yellow and red costume with a face mask that leaves the top of Wally’s head uncovered.


Legends of Tomorrow Heat Wave

The inseparable duo, Captain Cold and Heat Wave, started off as thieves and occasional enemies of the Flash. One obsessed with ice, the other with fire, these two sure made an iconic pair of criminals. However, once they joined Rip Hunter’s crusade aboard the Waverider they slowly started to change their ways. Mick Rory was a bit more reluctant to become a hero — and he still is, but he comes through when needed. Heat Wave has been with the Legends since the very beginning and he’s grown into a new, better man. Still, there’s one thing about Heat Wave that hasn’t improved yet and that’s his costume.

Just like his partner in crime, Captain Cold, poor Heat Wave has fallen victim to very poor costume design. Actually, there isn’t any costume to speak of. Heat Wave’s attire consists of plain clothes, a brownish jacket and a pair of goggles. Which is a damn shame since the comic book version of the character has a pretty distinguishable costume. Heat Wave combines white and orange in his outfit that is designed to protect him from fire. Now, we’re not saying that an exact replica would have worked on TV, but a bit more creativity and thought should have been given to Mick’s on-screen costume.


Legends of Tomorrow Vixen

Vixen was first introduced into the Arrowverse in the animated series Vixen back in 2015. The animated series follows Mari McCabe, who inherited her family’s Tantu Totem and thus can access the powers of animals. This version of the character also appeared on an episode of Arrow. However, the Vixen that joined the Legends wasn’t Mari, but her grandmother Amaya Jiwe. Amaya was the Guardian of Zambesi Village and a member of the Justice Society of America from the ’40s. After the Reverse-Flash murdered her boyfriend Rex Tyler, she decided to join the Legends to avenge his death.

On the show, Amaya wears a black and yellow costume that is pretty faithful to the comic book version of the suit.

While the costume on Legends of Tomorrow does have more black and less yellow compared to the costume we see in the comics, the overall design is pretty authentic. It’s almost an inverse of the comic book costume and it works well on TV. We can all agree that a yellow suit would look pretty ridiculous in live-action. However, using a combination of black and yellow and staying truthful to the original design, makes Vixen’s costume one of the best-looking costumes the Arrowverse has to offer.


Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman

Hawkman and his better half Hawkgirl were among the starting cast of Legends of Tomorrow. In fact, the entire first season revolved around them and their sworn immortal enemy Vandal Savage. Still, neither of the three characters were received well by the fans. In the end, once Vandal Savage was killed in three separate time periods, the star-crossed lovers left the Waverider and haven’t been seen since. While Hawkman and Hawkgirl were mostly disliked because of how their characters and storyline were written, their costumes certainly didn’t work in their favor.

Hawkman’s costume consisted of a pair of brown leather pants with a brown leather top, as well as a brown mace and a light brown mask. Do you notice a pattern here? Everything is brown. To put it simply, it’s undistinctive and monotonous. A complete opposite of Hawkman’s costume from the comics, which combines green and yellow while incorporating Egyptian decorations to stay true to the character’s origins. And don’t even get us started on that toy mace. The comic book Hawkman has a cool costume and his mace actually looks like something that could cause some serious damage. Though an exact replica of the comic book costume wouldn’t work on TV, what we got wasn’t the best solution.


Legends of Tomorrow John Constantine

In 2014, NBC started a show based on the Hellblazer comics, which followed the misadventures of John Constantine, the self-styled master of the dark arts. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after the first season. But the character got to live on in the Arrowverse, making his first appearance in the fourth season of Arrow. John Constantine has since visited Legends of Tomorrow on a number of occasions and got his own animated series. If you’re a fan of the suave occult detective, rejoice because Matt Ryan will return as Constantine in season four of Legends of Tomorrow as series regular.

Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the character blew us away from the very first episode of Constantine and we love seeing him interact with the other Arrowverse characters.

Ryan shares an uncanny resemblance to the comic book character and his costume is spot-on. Now, some may argue that a white shirt, a red tie and a beige trench coat can hardly be called a costume, but that is Constantine’s signature look. Besides, not every costume has to be spandex or leather. And Constantine’s comic book costume was successfully transferred to the small screen. Whichever way you look at it, Constantine is one of Arrowverse’s best-looking characters.


Legends of Tomorrow Zari Isis

Zari Tomaz is one of those Arrowverse characters that doesn’t strictly exist in the comics in the same way but is kind of based on an existing character. As Marc Guggenheim clarified it, Zari isn’t from the comics or any other DC Comics show, but she’s not an original character either. Got that? Good. Zari draws inspiration from the character named Adrianna Tomaz, also known as Isis in the DC Comics universe. Adrianna was married to Black Adam and she transformed into Isis by tapping into the power of the Amulet of Isis. In the Arrowverse, Zari Tomaz is the owner of the Air Totem which she inherited from her brother.

Now, when Zari first joined the team aboard the Waverider, she had her totem but no costume. And even though, the Legends use their costumes sparingly, the rest of the team felt that she should at least have one. The first costume Zari put on was white and kind of looked like something you’d find in an ABBA music video. Before you ask. No, it was not the “Here I Go Again” episode. The only thing that costume had in common with the comic book version was the color. As for Zari’s second costume, it looks more TV-friendly, but it doesn’t even try to be anything like the comic book design.


Legends of Tomorrow Citizen Cold

The Arrowverse seems to be having a hard time saying goodbye to Captain Cold. In the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover event we were introduced to Captain Cold’s Earth-X doppelgänger, Leo Snart aka Citizen Cold. Citizen Cold was one of the Freedom Fighters that freed our heroes from the Nazi government on Earth-X. After the crossover, Citizen Cold spent some time traveling with the Legends and recently helped the Flash in the fight against the Thinker. Unlike his Earth One counterpart, Leo is optimistic, meticulous with his planning and sticking to his plan, and possesses a very adventurous spirit and chipper disposition.

When it comes to physical appearance, while Citizen Cold obviously looks the same as his Earth One doppelgänger, he does have a better costume.

Similar to Captain Cold, Leo from Earth-X sports a dark parka, but this one has a fur hood, which gives the character a much more comic book-like appearance. Plus, Leo’s goggles are almost an identical replica of the goggles we see on comic book pages. While Citizen Cold’s costume is still pretty dark when compared to the comics, it’s an improvement on Captain Cold’s outfit. We’re willing to give the designers points for trying, since they did manage to incorporate more details from the comic book costume this time around.


Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl

The entire first season of Legends of Tomorrow revolved around Hawkgirl and yet she will go down in history as one of the most boring and infuriating characters we have ever had the displeasure to see in the Arrowverse. She was constantly made into a damsel in distress, rarely seemed to have any clue what she’s doing, and apparently couldn’t function without getting attached to the nearest male specimen in the general vicinity. And as if all that wasn’t enough for pretty much everyone to dislike her, they put her in a horrible costume that looked both ridiculous and impractical.

First of all, it’s too damn dark. Everything is brown-ish and boring. There’s nothing that stands out about this design. Second of all, what’s up with these shoulder pads? How does one move their arms with these huge shoulder pads? And what about the belt and that pouch sticking out on her right leg? None of this would work in combat. And on top of that, it’s not even nice to look at. On the other hand, the costume Hawkgirl wears in the comics is eye-catching, brighter and uses more than one color. No matter which version of the comic book costume you compare it to, the costume Hawkgirl wore on Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t measure up.


Legends of Tomorrow Jonah Hex

The Legends of Tomorrow season three finale was a spectacle packed with stuff you can only see on Legends of Tomorrow and crammed with characters we got to know during the season, the ones we met way back when and the ones we said goodbye to. Among the recurring characters that helped the Legends in their fight against Mallus was the infamous bounty hunter known as Jonah Hex. Jonah Hex was first introduced in season one, episode “The Magnificent Eight”, and has since popped up once each season. This time he managed to catch the attention of Zari and the two apparently formed a special bond. In the end, Jonah even gave Zari his hat.

Speaking of hats, let’s take a closer look at Jonah Hex’s costume on Legends of Tomorrow and how it compares to the comics.

Starting off with the most obvious physical trait of Jonah Hex — the disfigurement on the right side of his face looks impressive. So right off the bat, the show got the most important feature right. When it comes to Jonah Hex’s outfit, the costume is to the point. It looks authentic and awesome. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Jonah more often the following season.


Legends of Tomorrow Citizen Steel

As a skilled historian Dr. Nate Heywood was able to deduce that an aberration-created reality was starting to cement in the timeline and with the help of Oliver Queen, he located the submerged Waverider in 2016. Nate ended up saving the Legends and helping them save the timeline, so they made him a new member of the team. Nate gained the ability to transform his skin into steel after receiving a dose of modified biomolecular enhancer. He was dubbed Steel, reminiscent of his comic book counterpart Citizen Steel. Nate sketched his suit and his best buddy Ray Palmer built him one.

As much as we hate to criticize the boys’ skills in costume-making, we are here to compare the costumes to their comic book counterparts and Nate’s costume doesn’t quite hit the mark. The colors are mostly there in a way, as well as details like the white star on his chest and that thing sticking out on the top of his head. However, this version of the costume isn’t as sleek as the one from the comics. It’s not one stainless steel skin-suit that adapts to the curvature of Steel’s body. The costume Nate wears on the show consists of multiple pieces, looks bulkier and the shoulder pads and forearm guards look kind of ridiculous.


Legends of Tomorrow The Ray

During the “Crisis on Earth-X” event we were introduced to Ray Terrill, a superhero from Earth-X and boyfriend, now husband, of Citizen Cold. Ray originated on Earth One, where he received his light-based powers from his Earth-X doppelgänger. At some point, Ray traveled to Earth-X and joined the Freedom Fighters. So far, Ray has appeared only in two episodes of the crossover, but we’re hoping to see him more often in the coming seasons. Until then, there’s an animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray that will just have to do for now. But let’s get back on track, we’re here to take a closer look at the costume worn by the Ray in the Arrowverse and see how it compares to the comic book design.

Well, as live-action costumes go, Ray’s costume is actually pretty accurate.

A combination of black and yellow is found in both designs and the pointy helmets look pretty similar. Perhaps a few more golden-yellow decorations on Ray’s jacket wouldn’t have hurt the design, but even as it is Ray’s costume is rather faithful to the character’s comic book appearance. Just like his beloved husband, Ray is one of the best dressed character on Legends of Tomorrow.


Legends of Tomorrow Chronos

Back in season one of Legends of Tomorrow, the resident pyromaniac-turned novelist, Mick Rory was taken by the Time Masters, brought to the Vanishing Point, brainwashed and trained over the course of several lifetimes, turned into a bounty hunter known as Chronos and released upon his former teammates to hunt them down. Eventually, Mick was able to break away from the Time Master’s control and return to his team. Though they attempted to regain control of him, Mick resisted their efforts by focusing on his team. Ever since his Chronos days, we’ve been witnessing Mick develop in unexpected directions. He can still be quite the jerk, but he can also be genuinely sweet.

Unfortunately, much like his Heat Wave costume, Mick’s Chronos costume wasn’t the best design ever to come out of the Arrowverse. To say that the costume wasn’t inspired by the character’s comic book appearance would be a gross understatement. The Chronos we got on Legends of Tomorrow had nothing in common with his comic book counterpart — not the costume and certainly not the identity. The man known as Chronos in the comics is David Clinton and his costume is not a bulky S.W.A.T. suit coupled with a helmet inspired by Darth Vader.


Legends of Tomorrow Dr. Mid-Nite

In season two of Legends of Tomorrow, the Justice Society of America made its Arrowverse debut and for a moment we were really hoping these guys would get to play a major role on the show, at least for that one season. Sadly, this didn’t quite come to pass and only Vixen ended up joining the Legends aboard the Waverider. Among the other members of the Justice Society of America was Charles (presumably McNider) also known as Dr. Mid-Nite. The character made a small number of appearances on Legends of Tomorrow, but probably won’t be coming back to play a huge role in a future storyline, given that he was targeted by the Dominators in 1951.

As Dr. Mid-Nite, Charles donned on a red-brown costume adorned with crescent moons arranged as buttons, a pair of goggles and a cape.

While the costume was certainly not an exact replica of what we see on comic book pages, it was still one of the more accurate costumes in the Arrowverse. Obviously, changes were made, but we think they worked out for the best in this case. It’s a shame that most of the members of the Justice Society of America got some really cool costumes but didn’t really have time to show them off.


Legends of Tomorrow Commander Steel

Nate Heywood’s grandpa, Henry Heywood, was one of the members of the Justice Society of America that appeared in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow. Henry Heywood was entrusted with a piece of the Spear of Destiny and, being a flight commander for NASA, he managed to hide the piece on the moon. As Commander Steel, Henry operated with his team and in order to protect himself on their missions he used a specialized uniform. This costume combined blue and red with brown straps going along the suit. The most recognizable parts of the suit were the belt buckle with U.S. engraved on it and the chest buckle decorated with an engraved silver star. To conceal his identity, Henry used an aviators helmet and goggles.

Needless to say, what we just described doesn’t sound at all like the costume that Commander Steel wears in the comics. The Commander Steel from the DC Comics universe has a sleek costume, almost identical to that of Citizen Steel. However, the Commander Steel from the comics also has cybernetic steel frame — meaning, his skeleton was replaced by steel alloy tubing. Since the Legends of Tomorrow version of the character had no superpowers, it’s possible that this change warranted the change in costume. Even so, the costume they went with just doesn’t look appealing.


Legends of Tomorrow Obsidian

After the Legends forced Albert Einstein to reveal Mileva Maric as a ghost collaborator, the Justice Society of America intercepted them with the intention of bringing them in for questioning. Among the Justice Society of America members was Todd Rice, also known as Obsidian. Unfortunately, Obsidian didn’t get a whole lot of screen-time, but he’s one of the best-looking heroes ever to appear on Legends of Tomorrow and Arrowverse in general. Todd Rice did pop up later in the show, but as an elderly man whose superhero days were long gone.

Obsidian’s costume on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow clearly draws inspiration from the character’s look in the comics, but there is also some originality to it.

Obsidian’s costume has a very unique look, which made the character stand out among all the different heroes on Legends of Tomorrow, even if he didn’t get a lot of attention. While the show didn’t copy the comic book design to a t, it managed to give Obsidian a recognizable look with a couple of tweaks here and there to make the suit work better in live-action. It would be awesome to see Obsidian in action again and since we know he lives at least until 1987, maybe the Legends could meet up with him for a mission or two.


Legends of Tomorrow Hourman

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow ended on a huge cliffhanger. Out of the blue, a man who introduces himself as Rex Tyler and a member of the Justice Society of America appears in front of Rip Hunter and his team to warn them not to get on the Waverider or they will die. Avid DC Comics fan immediately recognized the name and associated it with the hero who goes by the name Hourman. Sadly, Hourman was killed off very early on in season two and hasn’t been seen since. A strange decision, given that he was portrayed by Suits star Patrick J. Adams. But hey, perhaps now that Adams is no longer working on Suits, The CW can find a way to bring Hourman back at least for an arc.

That being said, we do have one small suggestion to make if they ever do decide to call up Adams — please, give him a new costume. There’s nothing offensive or particularly horrible about Hourman’s costume, but there’s nothing that makes it memorable either. It’s one of the most boring costumes on the show. Although there are some similarities between the costume Hourman wore on Legends of Tomorrow and the costume his comic book counterpart sports, the comic book costume has details like the hourglass necklace and the unusual mask/cape that make it memorable.

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