DC Debuts A Supernatural Suicide Squad Black in November

DC Debuts A Supernatural Suicide Squad Black in November

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DC Debuts A Supernatural Suicide Squad Black in November

Amanda Waller will be unleashing a new magic-driven version of Task Force X, called Suicide Squad Black, on the world, as revealed by DC’s November solicits.

Suicide Squad Black Files #1 will focus on Waller’s team pursuing supernatural cases and will be split into two tales. The first story, “Revenge of Kobra,” written by Mike W. Barr and drawn by Philippe Briones, will focus on Katana being hunted by the evil Kobra, who begins to stalk her with the ambition of stealing her very soul — an act of revenge brought about by the samurai vigilante and member of Batman’s Outsiders killing the love of Kobra’s life.

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“Suicide Squad Black,” the second story, written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Scot Eaton, will revolve around the search for Sebastian Faust, the top American arcane operative, who has gone missing. To find the agent of the occult, Waller will be activating the flamethrower known as El Diablo, as well as the Enchantress and Gentleman Ghost, all to head to the seedy underworld of the DC Universe.

Check out the full solicitation and cover art below:


  • written by MIKE W. BARR and JAI NITZ
  • cover by FRAZER IRVING
  • variant cover by DAVE JOHNSON
  • Two members of Task Force X are back in these all-new adventures! First up: “REVENGE OF KOBRA” by writer Mike W. Barr and artist Philippe Briones. To oppose the terrorist Kobra is to earn his un-dying hatred, and that’s what the samurai Katana did when she killed his beloved Eve. Now Kobra stalks Katana beyond the bounds of the Earth itself, to a supernatural world where he will steal from her everything that she has—including her very soul!
  • And in “SUICIDE SQUAD BLACK,” by writer Jai Nitz and artist Scot Eaton, Sebastian Faust, the U.S. government’s top arcane operative, has gone rogue! To track down America’s most dangerous magician, Amanda Waller assembles a special-ops team unlike any other: an expendable coven of dark-arts experts including El Diablo, Enchantress and Gentleman Ghost. They are Suicide Squad Black, and they will take you to places where even the dead can die!
  • ON SALE 11.07.18
  • $4.99 US | 1 of 6 | 48 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
  • This issue is resolicited. All previous orders are cancelled.

Suicide Squad Black Files #1, written by Mike W. Barr and Jai Nitz, with art by Philippe Briones and Scot Eaton, will be available Nov. 7.

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