Captain America Attending Salt Lake Comic Con

Captain America Attending Salt Lake Comic Con

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Salt Lake Comic Con has been a hit since it’s inaugural event in 2013, breaking records for a first time con with an apparent 100,000 guests in attendance. This, teamed with the energy, enthusiasm and dedication that the people of Utah bring to every show, lead to the last minute turn out of the Generalissimo himself, Mr Stan Lee.

To date, the guest list has been a crowd pleaser, think Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Adam Baldwin, Karl Urban, Nathan Fillion, Carrie Fisher, Karen Gillan, Billy Dee Williams, John Barrowman, Stephen Amell and Nichelle Nichols. Are these are all high caliber guests? Absolutely! Do they have wide spread popularity and fan bases? Yes! Are they probably popular in the eyes of the Geek community but not necessarily the public as a whole? Maybe. And that’s why we are incredibly excited for Captain America.

Today Salt Lake Comic Con announced that Captain America himself, Mr Chris Evans, will appear on Saturday at this year’s Con. This is a great milestone for Salt Lake Comic Con, not only because it’s just kind of epic to have an Avenger in our midst, but it’s also the first household name guest that transcends the need to be a Nerd. Every one, regardless of interests or fan-hood, can appreciate this national icon on some level (and has actually heard of him), and we believe this will lead to a more first timers attending Comic Con than ever before.

Plus, Chris Evans seems like a genuine, fun-to-be-around chap, so we are sure that any interactions fans have will be a blast. Side note: he’s not hideous…

So here’s to bigger guests, newbies to the world of geekdom and, hopefully, more fun than ever before. Keep em coming SLCC, we are excited for whatever is next…

Image Credit: Salt Lake Comic Con

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