Featured Cosplayer: ItsTimsTime

Featured Cosplayer: ItsTimsTime

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How did you get into cosplay?


I don’t think I just got into it, it was something I just grew up with, dressing up for Halloween since I was a kid, I’ve always been making costumes as long as I can remember before it was even called cosplay.


Who is your favorite character or superhero and why?


I’ve always like superheroes that use their mind as there superpower which is why I really like ironman/batman/even green arrow


What is your favorite event or convention to attend and why?


I’ve been to a lot of conventions but I’d say Dragoncon is by far my favorite only because it’s geared more towards costumes and I see more of my friends there than any other con.

Red Spartan - Halo Reach
Red Spartan – Halo Reach

Any advice for people just getting into cosplay?


It’s not cheap, you will make mistakes, but keep at it and always learn/improve your skills. Ignore the haters have fun and don’t be a jerk.


If you were stuck on a desert island, who/what would you want with you and why?


I can think of a few people I wouldn’t mind being stuck with but I think that is the typical answer most give. Then I thought of a lot of fictional things like the Tardis or a replicator from Startrek, however realistically since I have to survive I’d want tools, rope, maybe a “how to survive on a desert island” book, and  a Wilson brand volleyball.

Commander Shepherd - Mass Effect
Commander Shepherd – Mass Effect

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