Featured Cosplayer: Eric Allan Hall

Featured Cosplayer: Eric Allan Hall

Eric Batman vs. Superman 2How did you get into cosplay?

I always loved Halloween as a child, and I grew up doing community theater with my mom, so from an early age I learned about stage presence, makeup, and costuming. I am also a huge Star Trek fan, and I attended my first convention in 1992. I started on my Borg costume in 1993, and I started to cosplay Data about the same time. I have been making costumes and attending conventions ever since!
Who is your favorite character or superhero and why?

Eric as the Green Lantern Guy Gardner
Eric as the Green Lantern Guy Gardner

Green Lantern. I grew up watching the Superfriends on Saturday mornings, and I think I associated myself with Green Lantern because I had brown hair like he did. When I started to read comic books in the 80’s, I liked how Green Lantern’s power was anything he could imagine and do with his ring– I liked the open-ended creativity his powers allow.
What is your favorite event or convention to attend and why?

Oooh, this is a hard one. It is really a tie between the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, and the Salt Lake Comic Con. STLV, because I have attended every year since 2002, and I love meeting and interacting with fans from literally all over the world. SLCC because it’s close to home, and I get to spend time with so many fantastic cosplayers.
Any advice for people just getting into cosplay?

Follow your own passion and vision. Take advice and feedback from others, but ultimately your cosplay is a part of YOU, not anyone else, so make it your own.
If you were stuck on a desert island, who/what would you want with you, and why?

Assuming Superman or Green Lantern were unavailable to just fly me away, I think Batman has the best non-powered survival skills, and he could execute a plan to call for help or get ourselves off of the island.

Eric Data and SpotWhere can people find you?

Connect with me at my Facebook page. You can also find what I do on the Heroic Facebook page.

Be sure to catch our podcast where we talk to Eric about his costumes, charity work, and a few other surprises!



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